Monday, August 10, 2009

Apple Tablet Prototypes

A rumor started and a fuzz about a new apple tablet went all over the internet. Financial times made an article saying that this device will have a 10" screen and will run the iPhone's OS.

This device that apparently will cost between 600 and 800 dlls is supposed to be launched on late 2009 or early 2010. The touchscreen device that resembles a giant iPod Touch will be launched to make simple tasks like internet browsing, checking mail and access to music, videos and all kinds of multimedia stuff.

Even though it seems like it will be launched to compete in the netbook market, it won't be considered a netbook.

Here are some interesting prototypes about this new, shiny Apple product.

This is an interesting prototype, it looks like something apple would do... wait it has already done it. This one looks like the iPhone 2G instead of an iPod touch. This picture shows the apple tablet running Mac OS X and running Microsoft office. I really hope that this product would do this instead of just running the iPhone's OS.

This is something like I would expect the Apple tablet to be. It looks like it's running an hybrid of the iPhone OS and Mac OS X. This is more like the design I think it will have because it looks like the new Cinema Displays. This is an interesting and shiny pic. I think I will buy this one.

They made a Photoshop contest on about two years ago. They had to design the Apple Tablet and they did some pretty interesting images. There were 2 winners, both of them made the tablet running Mac OS X. The first one has an aluminum frame and looks like a small iMac. The second one looks a lot like all the new apple products and it has a black glossy frame surrounding the screen.

This image looks very interesting. It doesn't show the iPhone's influence yet the OS seems like a compressed version of the Mac OS X. It has 2 USB ports on the left side as well as the earphones plug. The combination of glossy black and matte black looks awesome.

There are a lot of other tablet images yet this were the ones which caught my eye the most.

Tell me what you think about them!

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