Monday, August 10, 2009

Apple Tablet Prototypes

A rumor started and a fuzz about a new apple tablet went all over the internet. Financial times made an article saying that this device will have a 10" screen and will run the iPhone's OS.

This device that apparently will cost between 600 and 800 dlls is supposed to be launched on late 2009 or early 2010. The touchscreen device that resembles a giant iPod Touch will be launched to make simple tasks like internet browsing, checking mail and access to music, videos and all kinds of multimedia stuff.

Even though it seems like it will be launched to compete in the netbook market, it won't be considered a netbook.

Here are some interesting prototypes about this new, shiny Apple product.

This is an interesting prototype, it looks like something apple would do... wait it has already done it. This one looks like the iPhone 2G instead of an iPod touch. This picture shows the apple tablet running Mac OS X and running Microsoft office. I really hope that this product would do this instead of just running the iPhone's OS.

This is something like I would expect the Apple tablet to be. It looks like it's running an hybrid of the iPhone OS and Mac OS X. This is more like the design I think it will have because it looks like the new Cinema Displays. This is an interesting and shiny pic. I think I will buy this one.

They made a Photoshop contest on about two years ago. They had to design the Apple Tablet and they did some pretty interesting images. There were 2 winners, both of them made the tablet running Mac OS X. The first one has an aluminum frame and looks like a small iMac. The second one looks a lot like all the new apple products and it has a black glossy frame surrounding the screen.

This image looks very interesting. It doesn't show the iPhone's influence yet the OS seems like a compressed version of the Mac OS X. It has 2 USB ports on the left side as well as the earphones plug. The combination of glossy black and matte black looks awesome.

There are a lot of other tablet images yet this were the ones which caught my eye the most.

Tell me what you think about them!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Urban Dictionary Definitions of Apple Products.

Today While browsing the web I found I searched my name and found hilarious definitions... so I randomly searched Apple products... I'm giving both sides so don't be a haterr!

Apple Products.


*A mutant cross-breed of an ipod and a phone
ipod + phone = iphone

*A piece of hardware that's supposed to have the ability to do everything.
You can use your iPhone to cook food.
Yes and if you scroll down a little bit more,you'll find the 'grant immortality' option.

*A fancy looking brick.
I bought a $600 paperweight today. Some people like to call it an iPhone.

*The only thing it seems to lack is a vagina. (LOL)
If my iPhone had a vagina I'd probably need no girlfriend.

*Basically the coolest thing ever invented by anyone ever. Apple combined a cell phone, an ipod, a camera, and an internet browser into one hand-held device. Also the entire thing is one big touchscreen.
If i had to pick one technological device to have sex with, it would be the iphone.


*Apple's market-leading music player, offering huge quantities of storage with an incredibly intuitive and simple interface and a sleek design.

I have an iPod. Need I say more?

*An Apple-made device that can play downloaded music. iPods cost around $250 in stores, but are remarkably easy to win online.
I don't have an iPod, but I have still managed to salvage some self-esteem (Applause)

*an overpriced, overhyped multimedia player that is sold to teenagers as fashion accesories. breaks really fast.
Helen: omg I have an iPod!
Sue: iDONT *walks away*

*an expensive piece of shit that breaks after being dropped from a height of .00001 mm
Dude 1: Dude..what is that huge slash across ur Ipod screen?
Dude 2: I set my Ipod down on the table and the screen broke...
Dude 1: sweet...
MacBook Pro
*Apple Computer's latest weapon. Features a base that's capable of causing third-degree burns.
You: Would you like to try my new MacBook Pro? Here, put it on your lap.
Victim: Hey, it's got a camera... aagh! My sperm!

Apple Computer's line of professional grade notebook computers that blah blah, claiming to be 4 to 5 times as fast as the (Now Legacy) PowerPC line of professional notebooks known as Powerbooks.
Steve: You going to order a MacBook Pro?
James: Hell no! POWERPC RULES!
Steve: I hear you can put Linux and Windows on it too.

*A blazingly fast, extreamly cool laptop. Replaced the crappy iBook in early 2006.
More features and speed than Windows will ever have.
Loser: Shit! my Dell just froze again!
Macbook User: Ditch that peice and get a macbook!

*The Macbook Aluminum is the redesign of the original Macbook by Apple. It was released during October of 2008. It is created by billeting a single piece of aluminum and creating what Apple calls the "unibody" which is a one piece aluminum enclosure. (...)
Microsoft Fanboy: I just bought this new Dell laptop and it wrecks at running Call of Duty 4! I mean dude!!!

Macbook Aluminum Owner: Hey... would you quiet down... I'm playing Call of Duty 4 on full texture settings and owning PC kiddies like you online if you don't mind...

MacBook Air
*the latest incarnation of Macbook computers. unbelievably thin, razor sharp, and pretty much invisible all around.
"Hey, Jim, did you see my new Macbook Air?" "No." "Neither did I."

*the reason i love and hate Apple at the same time...
Macbook owner: "I had to give up eating and paying rent for 3 months, but now I finally have a top of the line, new black macbook"
Steve Jobs: "Introducing the new, sleeker, thinner Macbook Air."
Macbook owner: "FUCK"

*an expensive microwave disguised as a computer. has the same computing power as a baked potato. breaks down all the time. nothing ever works on it. the internet is hopeless with most websites not working because the imac is too retarded.
person1: i got an imac
person2: getting an imac is a punishment in some countries

*A type of computer, superior to windows, which has vibrant displays of pretty colors and often requires an art degree to use.
iMac, therefore iSuck

*Someone with high computing needs who doesn't want to be tangled with the everyday problems plaguing the PC industry.
The iMac was voted the year's top computer and your PC looks like crap compared to my beautiful iMac.

*The most powerful Apple computer that is fully customizable and can have up to 4 TB of hard drive and 32 GB of RAM
Mac Pro user: Dude I just got a Mac Pro with 4 TB of hard drive space and 32 GB of RAM
Shocked friend: wtf? do you planning on taking over a small country?
Mac Pro user: Yes.

haha hope you enjoy it!

And In case you were wondering.. here's my name definition...
noun - (Spanish variant of Alexander)

1. One who can hardly contain his
awesomeness as it spills out of him everywhere he goes.

Extreme genius.

3. Male having an abnormally large member.

4. The most common name given to katanas, uzis, bomberplanes,warships, jetfighters, nuclear warheads, hedgetrimmers, and bear traps.
Example 1.
Move aside and let the Alejandro through.

Example 2.
Professor: Can anyone tell me who said, "for any self-consistent recursive axiomatic system powerful enough to describe the arithmetic of the natural numbers, there are true propositions about the naturals that cannot be proved from the axioms."?
Student: Do I look like an Alejandro?

Example 3.
Kim: Holy shit! Did you see that?
Martha: He must be an Alejandro.

Example 4.
"Watch out for that Alejandro"

SOO YA... GO TO and do some funny research!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Funniest Videos of the last 2 weeks.

I am currently working on vacation so this is for you guys...

These are the funniest videos of this week and last week.

Last week winner is:

Twouble with Twitter:
WARNING. Do not watch this if your not a complete twitterholic or you will not understand it!

This week winner is:



Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Earth Hour 2009... Lets Switch the Lights! and OUR future.

Let's support the WWF and our planet turning off all of our Unnecesessary lights to fight against theThe video say it all...

It's today saturday 28/March at 8:30 pm at your local time.
Its in about an hour where i live... I will do it! Will you make conciousness too?


Monday, March 9, 2009

Save Rihanna of Coming back with Chris Brown! Beat him up First!

As some of you know, I'm all gone crazy about the whole Chris Brown & Rihanna Situation... WTF is she on drugs? How would someone even considerate to come back to a relationship like that!. So Browsing on the Internet I found this really cool game, where you have to beat Chris Brown to save Rihanna of coming back with Him



Friday, March 6, 2009

Funniest Video Of The Week: POV Guy Stuck in Class

So I've spent waaaaaaaay to much time in YouTube so I decided to get something useful about it and blog about the best/Funniest video of the week!

This week's winner is:


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tweets on surgery

Well today I was on twitter (like I normally do) catching up with some of the people I follow that ussually post interesting stuff. Browsing my TweetDeck I found this really cool tweet saying "Surgeons send 'tweets' from operating room" (via @perrybelcher), I must say this is completely awesome!. Maybe I got overexcited because I'm applying to med school, and I love everything to do with the matter, but I think this will be one of the people I'll track and hopefully learn a lot from their tweets.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make Your iPod/iPhone look UnJaibroken

So This guy made a very helpful video on how to make you iPod/iPhone look UnJailbroken... I found it really helpful because I hate looking like a pirate thief...(I know I am for Doing it) but anyways it's not nice.
I do buy some apps if they are really good just to support the developer, or if I know him...
So ya here it is Enjoy... Subscribe to him!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Multi task on new iPhone and Prototype pic!

According to Brighthand Apple may be preparing to remove one of the biggest limitations in the iPhone: the inability for multiple third-party applications to run at the same time.

According to an unconfirmed report, Apple will release an update for the current iPhone 3G that will offer limited support for multitasking, allowing a couple of third-party applications to run simultaneously. In addition, the next generation of Apple's smartphone will supposedly have significantly more robust hardware, and will therefore have more complete support for multitasking.

The source for this report, Mac Rumors, does not know when the iPhone 3.0 software update will be released. However, there has been much speculation that Apple will continue its habit of introducing new smartphones and major system software upgrades in the summertime.

Earlier rumors have indicated that the next iPhone will be considerably more powerful than previous models, possible even including a quad-core processor.

Here is another iPhone 4g image that i found really interesting haha... i know its almost impossible but it would be awesome to make.!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New iMac Rumor Quad Core and Dual Core

A leading Mac watcher believes the mothership has settled the question of using two or four core processors in an upcoming revision of the company’s prosumer desktop. Moreover, we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get them either.

In Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2009, although overall computer unit volume increased 9 percent, desktop sales actually declined 25 percent. With all three of Apple’s desktop offerings a year or more since the last major update, the time to release updated hardware is definitely ripe.

That said, people who make it their business to monitor Apple’s channel say that iMac supplies have become constrained, a move the company announced to resellers and one that could presage the imminent release of new kit. However, it bears remembering that Cupertino also told resellers in August of last year to expect reduced iMac supplies and nothing came of that.

Furthermore, Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu also believes updated iMacs will arrive within weeks, adding that the question of whether use dual or quad core processors with a resounding, “yes.”

In a not unprecedented move (back in the day, dual and quad core Mac Pro models were sold side-by-side), Wu posits that Apple will offer a high-end quad core model with a 24 inch screen, as well as a pair of dual core units in 20 and 24 inch configurations.

Monday, February 2, 2009

iPhone Flash techs!

Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) and Apple continue to work on bringing Flash technology to the iPhone, but there are still many hurdles to overcome.

The touch-screen iPhone is widely viewed as having the best mobile browsing experience with mobile Safari, but it lacks support for third-party plug-ins like Flash. Instead, Apple requires that video be delivered in a particular file format, and Web video from the likes of YouTube is delivered via a separate application.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Flash for desktops and notebooks "performs too slow to be useful" on the iPhone because of its resource needs. The mobile version, known as Flash Lite, is used on millions of handsets, including Nokia (NYSE: NOK)'s S60 platform, but Jobs said it "isn't capable enough to be used with the Web." Apple has been calling on Adobe to create a third version more suitable for its mobile platform.

Adobe has wanted to bring Flash to the iPhone because of its sales success and the browsing patterns of its users. But the company said the iPhone's software development kit and licenses were not robust enough to deliver the technology.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't mess with my multi-touch anymore!

After 9 months of waiting, the patent number 7.479.949, presented by apple in April 2008, was aproved by the US government which means iPhone Muti-touch screen is now property of Apple.

Even if it sounds stupid every single tech innovation must be pattented so market rivals cannot use it... in the past CES, Vegas, Palm presented a similar product that was delightful to the public and experts. The palm pre is now a rival for the BlackBerry and the iPhone.

So all the multitouch stealers BEWARE! Now you can be sued by Apple!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Emoji Icons Rule!

Yesterday while browsing the appstore, I found a 0.99 cents app called [][][][][] haha idk the name but it was made by frostyplace... the app is really weird its like a japanese blog or something... but that is not the fun part about this app...

After opening this blog and not understanding a thing(unless you speak japanese) you go to settings > general > keybord > Japanese and turn Emoji on...

then go to whatever iPhone app that uses the keyboard... This will only works if yoy have 2.2 firmware!

haha they are fun to use and they add style to your tweets and sms!


Friday, January 23, 2009

iWork '09 Trojan! Blame Hackers!

So for all you hackers and poor people who can't afford iWork '09 and you downloaded it from the internet BEWARE! there is a trojan for mac running around in the internet version of iWork... This file is added to the normal iWork installer and let the trojan maker stalk the sheet out of you! The modified installer (.pkg) contains a hidden little part call iWorkServices.pkg which is automatically installed when you run the iWork '09 cracked set up.

According to symantec this is a low risk trojan... anyway I bought my mac to not have this kind of stuff! so I'll better save for buying iWork in the apple store

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Microsoft cuts 5,000 Jobs? WTF?

So I was surfing the web when I found this podcast in CNET News...

So Microsoft is planning to cut 5000 jobs due to financial problems, not just in USA, but all over the world... according to the podcast not all Microsoft products will be affected. (Thank God... They Couldn't be worse)

In my opinion they couldn't pick a worst time to do this, c'mon that's 5000 more families without food in their houses, also the productivity of all the countries that are gonna be affected are gonna go down so you're not making the crisis any better Microsoft!

According the guy in the podcast they have to prioritize investments, it doesn't matter in what it matters why? (is it advertising?) which reminds me a get a mac ad. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My top 5 iPhone Apps!

So i decided to post a quick summary of my top five iPhone apps!

1.- Tweetie (atebits) $2.99.°°
This could be my totally favorite app ever! I really don't know what would I do without it! Tweetie has options for multiple Twitter accounts, plus you can check trends, followers, who you're following and has a search box to look what other people are doing!

2.- Amateur Surgeon ([adult swim]) $4.99.°°
One of the best games I've ever played, maybe a little too short, but I enjoyed it all the time. Its about a Pizza Guy who operates people with pizza cutter, staplers and stuff... but don't surprise when you kill a patient... It'll be more often than you think!

3.- TapDefense (TapJoy) FREE
Perfect to play in airplanes or somewhere really really boring! A Single player game where you have to defend the doors of heaven of the evil demons... you have to place towers and stuff like age of empires... really fun game.

4.-UStream Viewing Application ( Inc.) FREE
If you're a blogtv lover this is the app for you! Lost of streams right into your phone with a chatroom incluided! haha bigboy graphics and sound... actually they're very good! lots better than I expected! so this is a cool app!

5.- Ocarina (Smule) $0.99.°°
A real music instrument for your iPhone! You can share your melodies over the web and listen to other people playings just in one iphone app! you create melodies by blowing on the mic and playing around with the 4 different holes... So fun... before you know it you'll be playing ocarina until somebody STFU you!

hellow everyone!

So this is my new blog! I really didn't like friendster at all... So I decided to make a change for something more compatible and useful for me! So here it is! Don't forget to visit my other sites!